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Greetings!  We are The All Girl Paranormal Society Team. 
All of us are older and experienced .  We love what we do, and more important, we love helping people.
As a Team we never take anything at face value.  We will always look at every piece of evidence closely, and rule out any natural reason why, before we call "Paranormal".  We find that 98% of the evidence we collect can be "debunked", but usually that other 2% is what we live for.
We have many forms of evidence collecting.  We run a 12 camera DVR System, 12 Digital Recorders, Many Digital Cameras, a Full Spectrum Camera and many Black & White Video Cameras.  As well as EMF Meters and "Trigger Objects".  We use every scientific means to make sure that we give our clients the best evidence we collect. 
We NEVER charge a fee for what we do.  Giving people peace-of-mind and tranquility is why we do these investigations
All the Team Members have their own unique talents and gifts. 
So if you are experiencing any Paranormal activity, and would like to know why, then call us or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We also do  home and business blessings.
Some of our Members have appeared on "My Ghost Story, Caught On Camera", Season 4, Episode 55 (Episode name: "House Of Boos").  On A&E, the BIO Channel.
Look over our evidence that we have collected so far.  And if you need help, we are here.  We do all of Colorado, and any other states if the need is there.
Thanks for visiting!
All Girl Paranormal Society Team
We are FULLY Insured!  We also have references if needed.
Contact Jordan or Lorie at

"Sarah Jean" - Spirit Child in Jordan & Lorie's Home
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