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Once again we had the privilege and honor to Investigate one of Brett Maddox's establishments, Red Crags estate in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Just like Onaledge, it was beautiful, inviting, and of course Haunted.
We are the first Paranormal Investigative Team to be allowed to collect evidence at Red Crags.When we first arrived, and looked around, we weren't sure how active the place was, and if we were going to be able to collect any evidence.
After going through the evidence we collected we made our conclusion - YES IT'S HAUNTED!
We have plans to go back again to gather more evidence.  We can't wait!
Here's the Photos we caught:These stills were shot in a row.
"Before"  (Captured By:  A.G.P.S. Lorie D.)
3 After Door
Face In Doorway
2 Face In Doorway

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