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            Recent Investigations 2014

We were cordially invited to come to one of the most coveted places here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Every Paranormal Team here, and in all areas want to investigate here.  And every time they request a time to investigate they are told no.  We were told no too, until now.

We got the call, and we were personally invited to come in.  We couldn't have been more excited!  And still am!

Now because of confidentiality reasons we are NOT allowed to divulge the actual location.  But for anyone who has lived in Colorado Springs will know exactly where this is.  And YES it is HAUNTED!

A little of the background.......this place used to be a private residence.  A residence where a very famous person of our town lived with his family.  It went through a lot of changes over the years. We also know that this building was built on top of at least 300 unmarked bodies.  This was a "Potter's Field."  If you were poor and died you ended up here.  Now a building sits on top of them.   Currently it is owned and operated by the city and it is a public facility.

Upon arrival the Team immediately felt an uneasy feeling.  A feeling of unrest and sadness, accompanied with anger.  We instantly felt that some of the Spirits here were not welcoming. They wanted us gone!

Of course All Girl Paranormal Society never backs down.  We see that as a challenge.  A challenge to find out why?  And who these Spirits are?

We set up in one of the most active locations that were told to us by witnesses.  It was the gym.

We set up in the middle of the gym with our Raggedy Ann (with a KII installed inside of it), a regular KII, digital voice recorders, REM Pods, an EMF Pump, and of course one of our 12 camera DVR systems.

For the first 15 - 20 minutes we had no activity.  But then everything started to happen.  We started hearing, with our own ears, walking.  We had Spirits walking around the perimeter of where we were sitting.  Loud and audible.  Then our Raggedy Ann Doll started flashing like Christmas.  And the KII went to red.  That continued for most of the evening.  We knew we had made contact and the Spirits were willing to talk to us.

Our normal routine is to investigate for about 30 -45 minutes in one location before we break and split into Teams.  We then leave the area, so some of us can have a smoke break, and it also helps the Spirits to recharge (and us too).  While we were gone we thought we would give the Spirits a treat.  We used a cell phone and played some "Big Band" music.  We knew that some of these Spirits were over 100 years old and had probably haven't heard music of any kind in a very long time.  So for a treat we left the music playing while we all were outside.

After we got home and reviewed the recorders you hear what sounds like people partying.  Sounds like they are dancing and singing.  Some of them were laughing.  It was fantastic!  Fantastic as Paranormal Investigators, but fantastic because we made them happy!

We then decided because of all the activity we were seeing that it would be in our best interest to stay at this location and not move.  So we then started our second "Dead Time" session in the same place, in the gym.

Part of what we do as a Team is to try and release any Spirits that feel that they are trapped or unrest.  Sometimes it's possible to find Spirits that do not know they have passed.  And those are the ones we want to work with and release.  So they may find their well deserved peace.

This is a 5 minute clip of us releasing the Spirits at this location.  We do believe that some of them did leave, while other's chose to stay.  The Doll is a great device for us to question the Spirits.  It's easy for them to use it for "Yes" and "No" answers.  Watch this, hope you enjoy!

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