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We had the honor and privilege of being allowed to investigate the beautiful Onaledge Bed & Breakfast in Manitou Springs, Colorado, (336 El Paso Boulevard).  If you are looking for a place to stay that transports you into another time and place, it's Onaledge.  When you walk into the house it takes your breath away.  You can imagine exactly what it was like to live in the "olden days".  It is so cozy and warm.  And so inviting.
Yes, it's indeed haunted.  But the Spirits that reside there aren't mean or nasty.  If you go in with the attitude that you are coming into "their" home, then they are very willing to talk to you.  And they also make their presence known by showing up in pictures, or talking on digital recorders.
So it you are looking for a place to "get away" and stay in luxury and comfort, as well as staying in a "Haunted" place, then Onaledge is where you want to go.
You can tell Brett, the Owner,  All Girl Paranormal Society we sent you!
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