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We had the honor and privledge of being able to Investigate the Wonderful Onaledge Bed & Breakfast in Manitou Springs again.  The first time there we caught fantastic evidence, but this time we caught even more. 
During the night we kept hearing knocking and banging in one of the rooms.  So of course we decided to Investigate.  Team Members Jordan and Lorie, with their K-II meter, REM Pod and flashlight, went into the room to Investigate.  During the time the REM Pod went wild.  The Spirit we contacted, (which we believe is a woman), was holding onto the REM Pod and wouldn't let it go.  Never in all the Investigations that the team has done has this happened.  She wanted to be heard and she had a lot to say.
After getting responses on the K-II and the REM Pod, as well as the Flashlight going off and on, we concluded that indeed she was a woman and that she was there waiting for her love.  She was aware that she had died, but for some reason would not leave.  We assured her that she did not need to stay and that she was not trapped.  It made us feel horribly sad thinking that she was there waiting for eternity for her lost love.
As well as having contact with this Spirit we did get some incredible videos and photos as well.
Here are the Photos we collected, and we do believe the pictures with the woman are indeed the woman we spoke to.
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In this Photo are 2 Women.  The one on the left is a woman dressed in an old fashioned fancy dress, wearing a large hat.  The woman on the right looks totally different.  She is very dark and brooding.  We believe that she may be the one we contacted during the evening with our REM Pod. 
Two Figures
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